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Abortion Debate - Negative

            The resolution before us today is Be It Resolved That abortion is not the right of a woman, standing on the principle that Abraham Lincoln articulated, that 'You can not have the right to do what is wrong.' We the negative team firmly believe this to be true, and with our evidence and by pointing out inaccuracies in our opponents case, we will show you the truth.

            Abortion, is the bloody murder and extermination of an innocent potential human being, for the sins or immoral decisions of someone else. This is done by pulling the helpless child out of the mothers womb without mercy. It is killed by being sucked out, scraped, ripped up, and by sucking its brains out as late term abortions are sometimes done.

            My opponents have stated that ____

1. What if someone is raped? Is this a good excuse for an abortion?

            Even though rape does occur, the reason to have an abortion directly because of rape is less than one percent! Even if the growing child is a product of rape, why should the child pay for the sins of someone else?

            The Bible says, "Fathers shall not be put to death for their children, nor children put to death for their fathers; each is to die for his own sin."

            Even if the raper isn't caught, this is definitely not a reason for an abortion. If you do have one, chances are you will deeply regret it in the future.

2. What if the family is too poor to have a child?

            This almost never happens. Why should it happen?

            You and I both know where our money is going. Why is it that we spend so much money on welfare and illegitimacy? Why is it that we spend so much money on crime and violence in our streets? Why is it even that we spend so much money dealing with the problem of irresponsible behavior that contributes to the decline of the health of this nation? I think you all know in your hearts what the real answer is. We don't have MONEY problems. We have MORAL problems. And it's time we stood up and faced that truth!

            Don't forget, if the family is too poor, adoption is still a loving option.


            Consider this: There are 200,000 couples who desperately DO want your baby! And each year there are only 25,000 babies to adopt. Why not make this unfortunate occurrence a win, win, win?

          World overpopulation is a lie. No European country today has enough people being born to replace people who die. According to the European Union, by 2050, Europe will have twice as many older people as young people. Even people in Canada are starting to age as the rate of replacement is starting to drop below the death rate. 

3. What if the mothers health is in danger or there will be defects?

            Carol Everett, a former abortion clinic owner, was involved in over 35,000 abortions. She said she never once saw one abortion for genetic defect or a serious health risk to the mother. One mother even died after a partial-birth abortion in her clinic. They quickly took her out so they could say they "never had a death there." 

Abortion is a very dangerous procedure, and can cause hundreds of painful things to happen to the mother and father. Among these are guilt, Anxiety, Repression and Denial, Psychological "Numbing", Depression, Suicide, Flashbacks, Desire to replace the lost child, Anxiety over fertility, Eating disorders, Drug abuse, Brief Reactive Psychosis and Anniversary Syndrome.

            Abortion has also been discovered to increase the risk of breast cancer by 50%! 

"abortion is many times safer than childbirth" completely ignores high rates of other physical and psychological complications associated with abortion. In fact, STAKES researchers have found that the chance of death in the year after an abortion is 4 times higher then childbirth, miscarriage, or no pregnancy!

          China has the highest female suicide rate in the world - well over twice that of men. China also has the highest abortion rates in the world. In many cases, the attempted or completed suicides have been intentionally or subconsciously timed to coincide with the anniversary date of the abortion or the expected due date of the aborted child! 

The child is not the mothers property. Since when do humans own other humans? We don't - unless you want to reintroduce slavery. Besides, unlike any other organ, the their growing child has the capability of becoming a human, and has a vastly different DNA code.

During an abortion, the child in faced with horrible amounts of pain. Abortion have been done in which fetal movements were vigorous, and consisted of ventro- or dorsoflexion of the trunk, flexion of the limbs, and turning of the head, indicating the presence of acute fetal pain.

In conclusion, Abortion in very dangerous procedure which kills another baby every 20 seconds. This very painful procedure for the mother and the baby no solution whatsoever. Again, standing on Abraham Lincoln's Principle, the one who got rid of slavery, "You cannot have the right to do what is wrong!". Lets not reintroduce slavery, avoid this massive murder and call it quits. ABORTION IS NOT THE RIGHT OF A WOMAN.


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