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Essay on Fahrenheit 451


            Throughout our lifetime, we often encounter people who change the way we live our life. In the novel Fahrenheit 451, Montag's life was changed when he saw a woman die for the books she owned. The words she cried out, were the words Latimer said as he was dying for what he believed in. The woman had great value in her books and what they said.

          The woman's death had a very big affect on Montag and it had some affect on the fire crew also. They were thinking about it so much on the way to the firehouse, Stoneman missed the corner where they were supposed to turn for the firehouse.

          When someone dies for something, it always makes you wonder why they died for it. For example when Will ian Tyndale was burned at the stake by the Pope for translating the Bible in english. Another example is when Jesus died on the cross as punishment for our sins.

          When Montag got home, he didn't even feel like turning on the light on and his wife asked him if he was drunk. He was also sweating, and couldn't think properly. Montag soon started to think of things that he had never thought of asking about, such as where he and Mildred had met each other for the first time. The next day he said he was sick. When Beatty, the fire chief,  came to check on Montag, Montag desperately wanted him to leave his house.

          Montag also was wondering why a woman would have died for "worthless" books. He also began to wonder what happened to Clarisse because she was so different and talked about other things than television and meaningless "virtual families". In the morning Montag told Mildred he had books hidden behind the radiator. Despite how Mildred had acted from possession of books, he began to read them. Later he went to Faber's, house and they tried to find someone who could reprint copies of the Bible. Montag soon began to show and tell other people there was nothing wrong with books.

          Often when we are wondering what to do our wondering why we are doing something, we need to ask others to help us and give their opinion.

          While some of Mildred's friends were at their house watching television, Montag read some poetry and tried to explain to them why there was nothing wrong with books. Mildred, furious about having books in her house, turned in the fire alarm for their own house and the firemen came to burn it. Montag showed how worthless his life used to be by burning his own house.

          This is similar to when be become Christians. We like to get rid of everything that had wreaked our past. This would make other people who saw how much Montag had changed the way he thought about books and knew he was a fireman, wonder why someone would be so desperate to keep some books. When other people see Christians, how they act, and love Jesus, they wonder why, and may become a Christian too.

                   While Montag was running from the city, it is obvious Montag wanted others to know that books were good, because while he was in Faber's house and the hound was after him, he tried to think of some last words he could say when the hound caught him on television in front of millions of people. When he finally got away from the city, it was bombed and then there would soon be the chance to start a new society who didn't wrongfully accuse books of being bad. Montag soon began to be a light for the world.

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