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Dream Debate

 B.I.R.T. the media is sensitive and responsible

 Positive:  The media is sensitive and responsible 

          Honorable Judges, Fellow classmates, Worthy Opponents. The resolution before us today, BIRT the media is sensitive and responsible is absolutely correct. So there is no confusion about the terms, I will now define them.

        Media: Means of communication, such as television, music, newspapers, and the internet, which provide the public with news and entertainment

        Sensitive: Feeling or responding to the emotions of others

        Responsible: One that is expected or decides to respond to an action.

          We the negative team firmly now must believe this to be correct, and plan to tell you why.

          Over the past decade, this world has made extremely rapid advancements in science, technology, health, and education. Our knowledge today of this universe is like a 20 story building compared to a centimeter tall pile of paper a hundred years ago. How have humans gained such vast intelligence? From the media!

          Inventions such as the newspaper, radio, television, magazines have kept us up to date with important world news which could be critical if unknown.  

          Over the past 10 years, the internet has successfully enabled us to communicate with people on the other side of the world for virtually no cost at all!

It not only helps us keep in contact with friends, but brings us new ones and even finds ones lost for years!

          We can learn about almost anything just by typing it into a search engine! The Net is a gold mine of amateur research on just about any topic imaginable! This almost  instantaneous information would have been impossible without the media, to which we are all a part. It has also been proven that there has been improved academic achievement in school after using technology such as the internet.

          Teachers agree that the central process of schooling has a lack, or very low level, of information available to students in schools.

          No web site hosting company ever promotes the use of pornography or obscene stuff in their clients, but rather greatly discourages it, and has the right to delete any web pages not conforming to these rules.

          The internet contains not only information, but words of guidance and wisdom which can be easily accessed. The internet can be very beneficial to those with physical disabilities, such as people in wheelchairs, otherwise they would have little to with their lives.

          Bad content on the internet can usually be screened out by Web-Blockers, and other useful software which is freely available. These programs are designed to keep any harmful media away from the minds of young children. Nevertheless, Regardless of whether you have a web blocker or not, it is still the parents responsibility to keep the children from any harmful media. It's impossible for the internet to only show information which is according to your point of view. We all contribute to the internet, and it is not centralized. Indeed, the internet is a very valuable source. 

          Television, another form of the media, is a valuable and inexpensive source of world-wide news. We can also learn many things which cannot easily be learned from a book because television enables us to see things as in reality and not just pictures.           Television broadcasters are very responsible and sensitive about what shows are broadcasted, and when they are broadcasted. They have taken special consideration on showing high-rated films late at night, and special systems have been invented to automatically screen-off high-rated films by detecting a digital signal aired for a split second. So why should you consider that the broadcasters are irresponsible about bad media coverage? Even if they do show something which could be dangerous to a child's well-being, it is the responsibility of the parent to make sure they don't watch it!

          It is true that television broadcasters do make occasional mistakes, but remember they are working at the incredible speed of the show itself, and simply to not have time to take special consideration about every word they say or everything they show! It seems that their mistakes are the only we notice! We must not forget that they've made hundreds of good decisions, which we wouldn't notice anyway. The reason why they sometimes show violent shows is because they know it's what people want to see, and they are stressed to keep up with the increasing demand for good media, so they occasionally show higher-rated movies to increase the number of older viewers. Since they have more viewers, they don't need to show so many commercials, and television continues as normal.

          Newspapers are a very valuable non-digital form of the media, which is important for local news to the classified adds. Newspapers are very sensitive and responsible. Recently, the Hudson Gazette posted a deceiving notice about "a Tiger spotted in hudson." After several angry calls, they published an apologetic notice over the deception it had created the following week. 

In conclusion, the mass-media of television, radio, newspapers, magazines, the internet are causing major advancement in our technology, science, and understanding of God's universe. This can only lead us to realize that media is indeed very sensitive and responsible. Thank-you. 

Rebuttle: Honorable Judges, Fellow classmates, Worthy Opponents. The resolution before us today, BIRT the media is sensitive and responsible is absolutely correct. Our opponents obviously are not noticing that the media really is trying very hard to be sensitive and responsible. It's just that we tend to take their few mistakes and trash their reputation by saying they care about nothing but making money, and the "Give 'em what they method." It's time we realize that the media is there, and it's our responsability to deal with occasional problems, which the media usually regrets. We all make mistakes, and so does the media. It's just that the media gets a million times more attention then us. Give the media a break. It's time that we all realize that the media really is truly sensitive and responsible. Thank you.


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