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The Neighbor Next Door

Short English creative writing story

           One sunny spring day Jim Smolle, a bachelor, was outside clipping the weeds in front of his small house he had lived in for the past 14 years. The birds chirped softly, there was an occasional honk of the rush hour traffic and the clip-clip of the weed clippers. Jim's house was on Elmer street in a busy part of a big city. He and his neighbor lived a modest life and they were happy.

          Suddenly Jim was interrupted by the loud roar of a bright red Ferrari as it screeched to a halt at the end of his neighbors driveway, leaving a cloud of smoke behind it. His neighbor, Gil, got out and closed the car door behind him.

          "How do you like my new car?" Gil sneered.

          "It's ugh... nice," Jim said. "Where did you get the money for a gas hog like that?"

          "My step dad died and left me over a million dollars!" Gill said excitedly.

          "Oh I am so sorry! When did your step dad pass away?" said Jim sympathetically.

          "I don't know, but It doesn't matter. I'm just glad he remembered to put me on his will! In a couple of weeks my home will be the biggest on the street!" said Gil as he walked up to his house and went inside. Jim looked at his old small house sheepishly. The paint was chipped, he needed a driveway, and the window was cracked. It didn't very good but it was good enough for him.

          A few days later Gil walked over to Jim house and knocked on his door.

          "Would you like to sell me your property?" Gil finally asked.

          "I've lived in this house for 14 years!" said Jim surprised, "It depends on how much you want to offer."

          "Oh, I guess I'll pay about 300 grand." said Gil.

          Jim thought for a moment. Then he said "If that's what you'll pay, it's yours."

          In one month Jim had moved out of his house and into a more remote part of town. His house was bigger, but still not as big as it could have been. Even though he had a lot of money a decided to be modest.

          The wind was icy cold and the cars wheels crunched through the snow. It had been five years since Jim had moved. He was married now and had two children. Jim was on his way home from work. He hadn't seen the house where he used to live on Elmer street since he moved. He decided he would stop by and see it on the way home from work. Jim turned off the main road onto Elmer street. Suddenly he slammed on his brakes in dismay! His house was gone and a huge mansion covered his property and his neighbors. Jim went of to the door of the mansion but Gil wasn't there and the person living there didn't know who Gil was. He just told Jim he bought the house from the bank and didn't know of any previous owners. Jim drove home disappointed knowing that Gil probably moved away into a mansion somewhere.

          A month later, late in the evening, Jim was trudging home through the snow to his car after a hard day at work. He had so much work to do that he wasn't able to leave until after sundown. His car was parked in the next street so he decided to take a shortcut through an alley. The dark shadows of tall buildings loomed over him. The alley wasn't ploughed and his boots began to fill with snow. unexpectedly he heard whet he thought was a cry for help. He turned around and looked where the sound came from. It was a man lying in the snow! He hadn't shaven, his clothes were old and ragged, and he was covered with frozen dirt. Jim realized that the man was freezing and Jim immediately drove him to the hospital.

          At the hospital Jim thought the mans face looked familiar. He suddenly realized it was Gill.

          "Gill!" Jim said. "I'm your old neighbor Jim! Don't you remember me?"

          Gill's mouth opened in surprise. Then he looked frightened.

          "I started spending the money I got from my step dad foolishly." Gill said sadly. "Then I started drinking and lost all my money. If you hadn't seen me, then I could have died!"

          Jim gave Gill enough money too rent an apartment and soon he got a job. It wasn't long before Gill and Jim were the best of friends.

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