Cool Photos

Texas 2004

San Antonio, Texas. Jordan near the Alamo museum The famous Alamo site at night Lisa, Alley, Maranatha & "boy" Cousins Andrew and Mark Stelluti, and sister Gloriana
Part of Inn of the Hills This picture is pretty colorful even though it didn't turn out The "Riverwalk" in San Antonio 747 out our window

2002 - 2004

Our family with the Smiths at the Mackenzie King Estate, Quebec, Canada. Amy Jo, Maranatha, Marita, Gloriana, Sean My Parents and the Smith's parents Hiking on King's Mountain, Qc.
 Biking at Mt. Fortune  Canoe Camping #1   Canoe Camping #2   Canoe Camping #3
  Canoe Camping #4   Canoe Camping #5   Canoe Camping #6   Canoe Camping #7
 Rideau Ferry  Rideau Ferry, on the cutter  Playing "Save the Water"  Wakeboarding
 Rather common occurance  Papanak Zoo  Maranatha's Birthday   Maranatha's Birthday
Family at  Heidi's Wedding  Grandma Rule  Ohio YP  Parents and Grandparents
John Abbot College Convocation:
 Jon Warmington, Matt Wilson
 John Abbot College:
Friends in the CF room 
 kitty  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:
 YP, Canadian team, Dec 2003
Kerrville, Texas Me in Texas  Alan in the Alamo next to huge 120+ yearr old tree American Airlines - S80
 Shallowbrook YP, Peoria, Illinois cousin Matt Kerr  Shallowbrook YP  Round robin
 Georgetown, Colorado: Steam locomotive we rode to a Silver Mine  Maranatha, Camrianne Totems  Weeks: Daddy, Bethany, Grandpa, Sean, Alan, Jared, Mommy, Grandma, Maranatha, Jordan, Aunt Dorothy, Gloriana, baby Hannes, Danielle.  Gloriana at Mesa Verde Nat'l Park
 One of the sights in Colorado      Seneca Rock, New Jersey


1991 - 2002

Receiving my kindergarten diploma Me and my brother Alan Playing with my "O" scale train set Walking on the lake in front of our house
Our family in 1993 A car I made with marshmallow wheels Some of our cousins canoeing off our dock in Rideau Ferry  A photo my dad took on the sunrise in Florida
Note: About three years old
Playing on a push cart I built Jordan painting one of Grandma's molds. (That guy just pops out at you) Our family a few years back White-water rafting at Morning Star camp, Wyoming
Jumping off rocks into the rapids The most exciting part of our white-water rafting trip. Jordan doing dishes All it did to the semi was bend in the bumper about 5 inches! - and look at my dads car! (He discovered it still ran a couple days later, tied the front together and drove it home)
Photo of a young people's get together in Ohio Flying with Dwight McDonald, Jordan is the passenger. HCBC is in the background Photo taken with our Grandparents in Boulder, Colorado Garden of the Gods, Colorado
Gloriana and her pumpkin Our house The only photo I took when we went skiing with some cousins in Keystone, Colorado Alan did some extreme (muddy) biking with some friends in the woods
A common scene in Quebec City, Quebec Sunset in Nova Scotia Beach on Prince Edward Island Sunset taken at our neighbors plane in Nova Scotia. (located next to Tim Horton's estate)
A snow fort we built around the base of the play structure in our backyard That's enough Alan! He's already gone through many hundreds of dollars of bike parts. Since this picture, his bike has been mostly rebuilt and sold. Nova Scotia: some of the Allan cousins