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ASM Utilities


ASM Utilities

About these utilities:

These utilities are almost mandatory for anyone planning to do any decent ASM programming for the TI-83.

Z80 TI-83 ASM Programming Utilities
Name Platform Size About
TASM MS-Dos 140K Z80 to OBJ file ASM Assembler
83Ink MS-Dos 10K OBJ to 83p file converter
Pic83 MS-Dos 37K Converts PCX files made by Neopaint into ASM files
Draw83 MS-Dos 36K Draw a picture on your computer using the "pen" and save it as a INC file
Include MS-Dos 12K Important include files (INC) for TASM
Squish TI-83 OS 17K Squishes programs on the TI-83 so they can be opened by ZASMLOAD.
ASMBatch MS-Dos 1KB Quick batch file which turnes a Z80 file into a 83p file in one step by using TASM and 83lnk
TI Graph-Link 83 (link) Windows 1.1MB Most common program for linking a TI-83 to your computer
Virtual TI Pentium, TI calc 1.4MB Just like the real thing! With skins and clickable buttons. Real TI and link required for ROM. Works for almost all TI graphical calculators.


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