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It's all about sharing:

Be part of TI-Velocity by submitting a link, program, tutorial, or something else that TI-velocity may find interesting. This site is here only to help you to promote what you want to share with others.

TI-83 graphing calculator


Here are some things you can submit to share among viewers of TI-Velocity:

1. A link to a web site with content relating to that of TI-Velocity's

  • Link to your web site or someone else's - preferably one related to TI-calculators or programming
  • Link to a programming or calculator linking tutorial on your web site

2. A program archive

  • A program for the TI-73, TI-82, TI-83, TI-83 plus, TI-85, TI-86, TI-89, TI-92, or TI-92 plus calculators
  • A small DOS or windows program, such as a TI emulator or linking program
  • A QBasic program
Note: TI-Velocity will not put anything on it's web site or link to anything which contains bad language, nudety, or sexualy explisit content. (words are spelt wrong to avoid picky web-blockers) In other words, this is a kid-safe web site.

To submit something, simply send an email with the submission(s) as an attachment. Sorry, this web site does not yet support form uploading. In your email be sure to include:
  • Submission(s) as attachment (please send all programs in ZIP format)
  • The title of your program(s) or link(s)
  • Your name (optional)
  • Your web site's url
  • Additional comments... etc...

You can include a screen shot of your program as part of the zip file, or as another attachment. The zip file will be here exactly how it is sent to me. To update your program, simply send it again, and I'll update our archives.

Thank you so much for all submissions. They will help keep this site alive and running.

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