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MSN Messenger Bot "SDW"
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This is a functioning MSN Messenger Bot application that can carry on fully automated conversations with up to 100 of your MSN contacts simultaneously, or just with you! In addition to using psychoanalytic techniques of the first Eliza, it can use your saved chat logs (or the database included) to assist in carrying conversation. Even your friends may be fooled and think they are really chatting with you!


The Bot receives input from your conversation, or from instant messages sent to you by enabled Messenger contacts. Though optional, you can input your own saved MSN chat logs from txt or xml format and the program will database them all. You can also easily modify the Bot's Name, Age and Personality.


The MSN Bot will use your chat logs (or the data included) to answer questions and find similar statements when it talks to you or your MSN messenger contacts. It also analyses pronouns, grammar, and some key words commonly used. All of the conversation dialog generated can be saved onto the computer for future reference.


If you want the bot to chat with real Messenger contacts, you must have MSN Messenger 4.xx running. If you don't have it, you can still download and install it next to the new one. The newer Messengers do not support "Bot" programs.

Screenshot of the MSN Messenger Bot Application

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