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If you have a TI-83 you can download these programs for use on your calculator. You also need the TI-83 calculator computer link software installed so you can print them or transmit them directly to your calculator by using a special cable. Click on any calculator program to download it. Click here to report bug on this web page or in any archives.

means highly recommended

Basic TI-83 Games
Title Author Information Size in Calculator's Memory Description
BangBang 4 Sean Weeks 4K The most exciting scorched earth game ever! With fast random terrain generation, one or two player modes, and multi-difficulty level Artificial Intelligence (AI)! Includes different terrain options and missile types.
Electrobots 3K Dodge AI robots in this wacky electric fence game.
Oregon Trail II 3K Blaze your way to Oregon City by controlling you supplies, food, and oxen. Watch out for disasters on the way!
Tic Tak Toe 1K Standard graphical Tick Tack Toe with winner detection  (No AI.)
Mystery Quest 21K Complete adventure game! Lots of fun and interactive game play! Game Run-Through (If you want to cheat)
Hanglady 3K A Hangman type game with a user-customizable word database
Kaleidoscope 1K A neat and tiny graphical kaleidoscope for your calculator!
Ant Hill 2K A small fun insecticide game
Dragon Warrior Joel Pierson

Mark Carrier
17K An Interesting RPG game that will keep you entertained for hours
Resident Evil Joey Rapalee 10K 3D action on your TI - explore entire mazes.
Tank Wars Jason Ramey   Bird's eye view. You can move your tank or shoot at the other guy
Monster Rancher Dion Muller 28K A fun role playing game - only it takes all your memory.

ASM TI-83 Games
Title Author Information Shell Size in Calculator's Memory Description
Breakout Joe Wingbermuehle (Obsolete) Ion 4K Paddle war game, with smashing blocks and many levels
Falldown Ian Graf Ion 3K An amazingly addictive game in which you control a ball falling down hundreds of levels and try to not let it touch the top edge of your screen!
Jezzball Joe Wingbermuehle SOS with ZLib v1.4+ and ZGFXL 4K Trap bouncing balls into an increasingly smaller space
Landmine Joe Wingbermuehle (Obsolete) Ion 3K Similar to Minesweeper for Windows
Insane13 Bill Nagel  AShell 3K A shape puzzle game
Mario Jeff Ruud   9K Just like on a nintendo!

Basic TI-83 Math Programs
Title Author Information Size in Calculator's Memory Description
Factors Sean Weeks http://www.scybolt.com e-mail author < 1 K Shows all the factors of the entered number
Facttype < 1 K Shows an example of each type of factoring
Forms < 1 K Shows different Y= forms
Genr2sta < 1 K Converts general form to standard form
Haha < 1 K Your TI-83 will act normal but give wrong answers until turned off and on. Great joke!
Linesegm < 1 K Displays the equation, length, and midpoint of any given line
Linratio < 1 K Gives the coordinates of a point at a ratio between two points
Pnt2line < 1 K Displays distance from a linear equation to any point
Pythagorean Theorem < 1 K Displays the distance of the unknown length of any right-angled triangle
Quadequa < 1 K Quadratic equation to find the "a" value of the rule when the vertex and any given point are known
Quadform < 1 K Quadratic formula to find the zeros of a standard or general form of a quadratic equation
Radicals < 1 K Simplifies radicals
Randaz < 1 K Randomizes all the letter variables in your calculator for answer checking
SeanForm 4 K One of the tiniest, fastest, and most useful shape formula programs ever built! It even shows you the formulas for area, lateral area and volume, and then will show you the answers to virtually any shape! Includes integrated Pythagorean theorem solver and was programmed in a special way to take the least space!
Stan2gen < 1 K Converts standard form to general form
Trifact < 1 K Tired of factoring trinomials? Try this; it is still by far the most useful program I've ever used in High School! It will automatically find the two numbers which must add to a number, and multiply to a number. Very fast! Only 317 bytes!
Y1circle < 1 K Creates two Y= inputs which equal a circle in functional form 
Limit Finder Jason Ramey < 1 K For calculus students. This program allows the user to enter in a function and the program will calculate a limit. It will also give an instantanious slope of the function. The accuracy in the program is the difference between x and a.


Basic TI-83 Science Programs
Title Author Information Size in Calculator's Memory Description
Molar Weight Sean Weeks http://www.scybolt.com e-mail author 2 K This program is an absolute must for anyone in a mid-level science or chemistry class. Can save you from hours of homework! Automatically calculates Molar Mass of any given substance without a periodic table! After detailed calculations which show the work, you can enter the mass (g), moles, number of molecules, or number of atoms to find the other three!
Circuit < 1 K Solves resistance of parallel and series circuits, and includes formulas for Amps, Volts, and Ohms
Resistor < 1 K Tells the resistance of a resistor according to the four-strip color code on the exterior


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