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Last Updated : February 18, 2012

Recent Updates:
I updated my Portfolio, and added a list of Concordia and John Abbott courses I've taken.

I recently obtained B.Eng in Electrical Engineering from Concordia University in Montreal. The photo shown is of the new Engineering building on St-Catherines street.

I've had three excellent co-op work term experiences. The first was at Matrox Electronic Systems, the second at CMC Electronics (now known as Esterline), and the third was at Invensys Process Systems. I amcurrently working for Lockheed Martin Canada on the Halifax Class Modernization (HCM) project.

Popular Resources available on this web site:
Current Photo Gallery Check this for photos of events I've been to. (Since November 2007, my photos have been uploaded to facebook instead)
Explore our house in 3D Made from over 130 pictures! You can walk around our house by controlling your direction with arrows. I took all the pictures on my first digital camera, which I bought from Crystal-Digital.
TI-83 / TI-83 plus graphing calculator archives Over 25 calculator programs to chose from. Includes games, Math programs, and Science programs. Also feel free to submit your own!
How to send programs to your calculator I am always amazed at how many people email me about how to send something to their calculator. Simply read this, or take a look at the other tutorials available.
Free computer games that I have programmed If you would like to get a piece of my programming work, take a look at some of these programs I wrote for my computer science class in my High School. They are written in QBasic and come with the source code, but you can also run them as an executable on any PC.
High School Writings Find out what I've written for school! Includes over 20 pieces of written material! Includes essays, Debate scripts, stories and literature responses.

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