This profile lists a few of the projects I have done over the past few years. It is not a complete list as it does not include work I've done on large-scale projects with other programmers, some personal Java projects, or the hundreds of VB apps, TI-83 apps, and DOS batch-file programs I wrote in earlier years.

On this page:


Coop Work Experience : 
Matrox Electronic Systems Inc.

CMC Electronics - Esterline Technologies (NYSE: ESL)
(formerly Canadian Marconi Company)


(Was Esterline for some time)

Invensys Process Systems (NASDAQ: ISYS)
ips.invensys.com (Now Schneider Electric)


Electronics / Systems: 

Biomedical Tranceiver

For our final-year Electrical Engineering Project at Concordia University, I am working on a team of three other students, a professor, and a graduate student on a wireless ECG (electrocardiogram) device. The device is to capture the human heartbeat using a 4-lead system into a microchip that will wirelessly transmit the signal to a receiver. The receiver is connected to a computer via USB where the signal is analysed, displayed, and stored.

Remote KVM switch for redundant HMI solution for Power Plant

While working for Invensys Process Systems, I assisted in the development of a simple RS-232 device to trigger the switching action of a couple KVM switches. As part of the project I researched various KVM equipment manufactures and products that would be suitable for use in part of a nuclear power plant's HMI control panel.


Web Programming (Java / Perl): 
Online Schedule Generation Tool

I've been writing automated schedule programs since late high school (in QBasic and VB) and became intrigued with the idea of creating an online server-based system for Concordia. I spent a few long weekends coding and came up with the one shown on the left. The algorithm that computes the actual combinations uses special techniques to compress each block into a single 32-bit string of data for high-speed data comparison. This program is a far cry from the ones I wrote in VB that took overnight to find all the results!

This online tool is handy for because it requires no download, is fast, easy to use, and can be updated automatically. Without it one must try and fit classes together on paper - a long and laborious task.

Online Store (including shopping cart, custom product database, and complete web-based admin controls)



I programmed this sales web site for Melchoir Inc. using Java. It handles a product database that works in French and English and multiple metric systems. I also programmed its shopping cart, searching capabilbities, and an entire web-based admin control and product editing system from scratch! The actual payments are done through PayPal.

the interface Bible Search tool

In the process of learning some server side (CGI) programming, I created a KJV Bible search engine using Perl. Feel free to try it out, you may even find it useful at times.


PC Programming (C++/ VB / QBasic): 
MSN Messenger Bot with AI Chat

I made this fully functioning MSN Messenger Bot application that can carry on fully automated conversations with up to 100 of your MSN contacts simultaneously, or just with you! In addition to using psychoanalytic techniques of the first Eliza, it can use your saved chat logs (or the database included) to assist in carrying conversation. Even your friends may be fooled and think they are really chatting with you - for a little while anyways :-)

Air Traffic Control 2001
(download page)

Air Traffic Control 2001 is a game I created and compiled with QBasic 7.1 extended. The action is controlled by the mouse. This game is totally free and was originally built as a project for my Computer Science class at school in 10th grade. The object of the game is to guide the airplanes to a safe landing without crashing them! You can control their altitude, direction, and clearance. There are 4 destinations - 2 airports, and 2 exit zones.

Breakout 2002
(download page)

I also programmed this in QBasic from scratch while in 10th grade. It has mouse-controlled menues and full-screen scrolling action! The character can shoot his zapper gun to stun the monsters, ride elevators and unlock doors.

Chopper Mayhem
(download page)

In this game you can fly 10 different missions across a wide terrain. There are AI shooters and enemy helicopters. I programmed this a few years back in QBasic.


Web Design (HTML / Javascript / CSS):
Les Jardins J.G. Kiraly

I created this web site for a local landscaping / waterfall garden / general contracting business located in St-Lazare, Quebec. The site makes use of a flash header and xml / flash configured photo gallery.

Westwood Junior Virtual Tour

In the virtual tour you can walk around an entire school with the click of a few buttons - and even look around every single classroom! My brother Jordan took hundreds photos, and the program I created links them all together into a single cross-platform compatible web application,

Personal Web Page

This began as my first web page ever back in 1999. At first it consisted of a small handful of pages and focused primarily on providing downloadable TI-83 graphing calculator programs. Over the years its appearance and content have changed immensely, but the basic arrangement has remained the same.

StellutiKerr - Robotic Palletizing and Packaging Solutions

I designed and this web site for Stellutikerr Inc. They are based in Texas. It is one of the best places to go to when in need of palletizing equipment, baggers, packaging systems and more. The web page contains information on the products and services offered by StellutiKerr.


This web site was originally designed by Paul Harmond. In 2004 I made several additions and improvements to the web site.

Patrick Burger's Web Site

I created this web site for an English teacher at John Abbott College. He specifically asked for a purple background.

M3 - Mandarin

This web site provided over one hundred pages information as a web resource to complement the previously published information covering the use of a library database system, M3 Mandarin.

Sandhill Standard Poodles

I created this web site for my neighbors. They raise highly trained championship poodles as a hobby. There are dozens of cute pictures of baby poodles in the nursery section in case you are interested!


The primary purpose of this web page was to post all of the TI-83 graphing calculator programs I had made onto the internet so that anyone could make use of them. Currently visitors are also welcome to contribute their own programs, and the web site also includes a few other programming projects and programming tutorials.

Alan's Web Site

This is my brothers Web Site. I helped him make it quite a long time ago. He's got a some neat photos of himself snowboarding and and a few other things of interest.

Yuko Ohigashi Plays Piano

I created this web site for Yuko Ohigashi, a Japanese girl who is currently studying in Michigan, USA. If you go to www.yukopiano.com her main web site, mine is the "Canadian" version.

Hudson Youth Group

This was a template design I had in mind for a site although it never really got used.

Young People's Montreal

This web site gave information and maps about the upcoming event, and now displays photos of the event.

Young People's Rideau Ferry

During the summer of 2003 a large number of friends and family were invited for some fun, games, and Bible study in Rideau Ferry, Ontario.  I made this web site to put the photos taken at the event online for viewing in an original fashion.

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